The Acqua Livingstone interior design by MISSONIHOME the world’s first residential condominium interior designed by the iconic Italian fashion house. Acqua Livingstone is inspired by Africa’s Livingstone Falls, a collection of surging rapids that are part of the Congo River. But unlike the common vertical waterfall, Livingstone’s 900 foot drop is stretched over a majestic 200 mile cascade.
The Country Club
A River Walk Promenade
Livingstone is the newest tower to rise from Acqua Private Residences, a masterpiece development taking its cue from nature’s blueprint. An urban community that features lush, tropical rainforest-infused design with breathtaking waterscapes and verdant foliage
At the confluence of two great cities, Acqua is uniquely positioned to provide its residents with the idyllic pleasure of a river in renaissance and the vibe of a city in constant hum.
Tropical rainforest-infused living located a shot drive from downtown Makati via a new bridge.. A true oasis of serenity and solitude amidst modern life’s ever-quickening pace.
Kaleidoscope Eyes
The Missoni brand is known for bold color palettes seemingly caught in a frozen firework of textures and pattern. Geometric, florals. Stripes, abstracts, each Missoni print is designed to make a visually striking statement, in expressions of wearable and livable art.
Based in Varese, Italy Missoni  traces its roots to 1953, when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni decided to use a scraft machine to knit dresses instead. The light-as-air fabrics in candy-bright color remain an editorial and fashion favorite, giving the brand an iconic stature in a land of fashion giants.
The Missoni pallete has since expanded to decorative home furnishings and textiles, extending its kaleidoscope canvas to go beyond the sartorial sentence into an imperative of interior design.
The Fabric of Family 
The vaunted house of Missoni  in its generation prides itself for weaving a pattern of success that is more about family and relationship as it is about and fashion.
Ottavio and Rosita, along with their three children, are interwoven by the fine threads of familial bond.  There is a pattern of warmth, whimsy and strength that surfaces from every Missoni print, a tight weave that is ever buoyant, resilient and full of spirit. 
Indeed, it is this thread of family that renders the Missoni brand as unmistakable and vibrant; stands of various color and characters woven together in a pattern that is bursting with life.
For this familial passion and love for quality craftsmanship and design, Century Properties is honored to partner with Missoni, creating the first and only Missoni-branded homes in the world.
Water colors
Name after the free-falling rapids of the mighty Congo River, Acqua Livingstone gracefully combines nature’s majesty with man’s inherent facility for beauty and invention.
Right within nature’s embrace stands a tower bedecked in delight. An unmistakable aesthetic of living, breathing design.
Century Properties honors MISSONIHOME and brings it to a backdrop of natural light where it can truly shine.The tower’s facade evokes the bend and flow of cascading water, a  liquid architecture that shimmers in the sun and sparkles at night.
An architecture that holds itself up to the magic it keeps inside.
Designer Living through Living Design
Acqua Livingstone stands proud as the world’s first and only Missoni branded home.
A partnership that brings a stylistic twist to a fabled property…
A Kaleidoscope of texture and colors greet residents and visitors alike…
Lobbies, hallways, and rooms are defined by the bold and the vibrant…
In Pursuit of Highs
The Canopy fully articulates the Missoni ideal at Acqua Livingstone and sets the stage for a whole new pattern of life and leisure.
The lifestyle hub of Aqua Livingstone with sweeping vistas of the Pasig River and the Makati skyline, The Canopy is a split level complex built around a holistic view of human pursuits. Each aspect of the human existence is attended to in pleasing ways via activity hubs that span three different levels of the Canopy and provides avenue for textural approaches to a lifestyle 
The lower level contains function rooms, business centers, gyms, library, spa, and other amenities that promote health, wellbeing, and cultural curiosity.
The upper level is a social space dedicated to an interaction and entertainment. It house an Amphitheater, DJ booth and dance floor, pool, and BBQ facilities, ideal for parties and get-together.
The lifestyle hub of ACQUA Livingstone is named after the uppermost layer of a forest, formed by the crown of trees.
The Social space
Whether it’s basking in the morning sun over a cup of coffee or late night, dinner with city lights, the Canopy’s mezzanine floor is a remarkable place to start or end the day.
The Canopy’s at Acqua Livingstone is the pinnacle of the Missoni-Acqua partnership fully realized; the highs of a true branded residential experience.
With its charismatic interiors and game-changing amenities, Acqua Livingstone interior byMISSONIHOME, is more than just a residential building. It’s the heightened expression of lifestyle.
Be a part of ACQUA Livingstone and savor the lifestyle and the enchanted views of Makati City skyline, Manila and Mandaluyong City.
I look forward of hearing from you soon.
Thank you.
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